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Today in the city of Boston one of the largest construction undertakings in the history of the United States is in progress. The Central Artery Project is an attempt to alleviate highway traffic in downtown Boston. The existing central artery is one of the most congested in the country, boasting accident rates at four times the national average. The new central artery will be a four mile long, ten to fourteen lane tunnel following the path of the original highway.

By ridding the city of the existing elevated highway, a great opportunity to do something positive arises. Four miles of meandering open space cutting through the heart of Boston will be created. Neighborhoods throughout the city will be affected, including the North End, West End, Charlestown, South Boston, and Chinatown. Each of these areas posses different qualities and needs.

The City of Boston should give more consideration to the potential opportunities or consequences. The current plan is to create a greenway park which winds through the city. I feel this is a one size fits all solution which gives no consideration to the fabric of the surrounding areas, and could be potentially disastrous.

My objective is to analyze the segment of the open space created between the North End and Quincy Market area and create a proposal beneficial to the surrounding areas.