Scott Finckler

A collection of moments create a whole. Some are affirmative, while others destructive. Just as all of us are in a constant state of becoming and our story is told through our history, a painting is a memory of its relationship with the artist, and its creation.

My focus on stain painting emerged in my undergraduate studies and has continued through my time working as an architect. Stain painting utilizes a technique of applying liquefied paint directly to unprimed canvas. The colors soak, bleed and mix in and on the canvas. The painting takes on a life of its own due to the lack of absolute control by the artist.

The independence given to the paint reveals its inherent truth and essence of materiality. By allowing the paint to exhibit its intrinsic qualities a work has a purity in that it could not be made using any other medium. The action of painting is less about control and more an improvised orchestration. It is an exercise in balance between action and restraint, ration and intuition. Through exploration of the technical means of the mediums potential my work is seeking personal vision and a poetic stasis while being an affirmation of its process.

In the design of architecture, finishes and materials are used in a controlled and precise manner. My attraction to the materiality and process of painting parallels these architectural interests. The paint has the ability to allow an expanded avenue of freedom and exploration for expression.

To me the act of painting is as important as the completed work. The metaphor of life is in the process. In our era of accumulation and acquisition the human drive to obtain and acquire are dominant forces. With society’s constant focus on results, life easily becomes a collection of conclusions. We can lose appreciation of our time of becoming.

Abstract art has an autonomous freedom from representational restraints. My work is not formed with a representational or compositional goal. The intention is to connect with the viewer on a subjective, emotional, and visceral level.

Creation is launched by an initial idea. It can be a concept, color, composition, technique, or even a movement; from there it becomes a discovery of something unknown. My work is a dialog between the artist and the material. It allows the extension of oneself into, and the creation of new perceptive environments for reflective contemplation.

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